Cana flecha Artesanias

Cana flecha Artesanias

We are a mixed economy society of the national order, subject to the regime of the industrial and commercial companies of the State, linked to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, constituted by public deed No. 1998 of May 6, 1964, granted in the Notary 9a. from the Circle of Bogotá.

Our main objective is to increase the participation of artisans in the national productive sector, achieving a sustained integral development that is manifested in the improvement of the standard of living, reflected both in an increasing index of income and spaces of social participation, as in a greater productivity and positioning of handicrafts in local, regional, national and international markets.

Artesanías de Colombia has today more than 50 years of life. He was born on May 6, 1964, when it was established as a limited company before the notary Rafael Toledo Navarro, whose main activity was to sell handicrafts with an initial capital of 250 thousand pesos.

With the passage of time, the work focused on the promotion and promotion of the artisanal sector, so that the company was strengthened economically to try to exalt the creations of our artisans, not only in Colombia but also showing the world that talent and Perfection is not improvised.

Throughout this almost half century of history, we have promoted the development of the country’s artisans in several strategic lines; We have also developed projects around the different needs that have arisen in the sector and numerous programs that have directed our work.

The artisans are and will continue to be the engine and motivation of the work we do every day. There is much we need to do, but we have no doubt that we will continue to grow and work to make the Colombian artisanal sector more competitive.