Marina BesadalombanaDirector of International Affairs for GM&L

Marina is an accomplished and dynamic professional, serving as the Director of International Affairs for Gooljar, Mutis & Lombana Strategic Consultancy for New Markets (GM&L). With an extensive background in international business and a passion for fostering global partnerships, she plays a pivotal role in guiding companies towards unprecedented growth and success. She is renowned for her ability to forge strong and lasting partnerships, connecting businesses with the right stakeholders, and driving mutually beneficial collaborations. Her fluency in multiple languages and her extensive global network underscore her dedication to transcending boundaries and fostering a harmonious exchange of ideas and opportunities.

Marina, a biologist by profession, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to her professional achievements, she has successfully developed businesses in service industries and acted as a representative for Spanish, Chilean, and Colombian companies in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, the United States, and Spain. Her diverse experience further enriches her ability to navigate international markets and cultivate fruitful cross-border ventures.

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The International Trade Hub at SeaPort Manatee is focused on providing an incubator or a soft landing space for companies looking to enter the U.S. market. These are companies that otherwise would look in other areas of the country.

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