The International Trade Hub at SeaPort Manatee signs Letter of Intent (LOI) with Ashdod Port

Today signifies a momentous occasion of great significance for The HUB, our community, and the state of Florida. It is our distinct privilege to announce a landmark achievement resulting from a recent visit to the Enterprise Florida office in Miami. Collaborating with esteemed counterparts from Israel’s Ashdod Port Company,Roy Avrahami, we proudly formalized a Letter of Intent (LOI), solidifying a strategic partnership aimed at fostering growth and opportunities for Israeli startups not only within Florida but also extending far beyond its borders.

This pivotal LOI stands as a testament to our shared commitment to catalyzing cross-border collaborations that ignite innovation and drive economic advancement. Through this alliance, we envision an amplified platform for Israeli startups to thrive within Florida’s vibrant business landscape, igniting a ripple effect of prosperity and ingenuity that extends globally.