International Trade Hub at SeaPort Manatee signs Letter of Intent (LOI) with Oxford Group

On Thursday, July 27, an agreement was formalized between Carlo Barbieri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Group Inc., and Roxana Santoyo, Manager of the International Trade Hub at SeaPort Manatee. This accord signifies the establishment of an innovation and technology center.

In collaboration with Oxford Group Inc., a reputable entity renowned for facilitating global business investments from Boca Raton, Florida, the International Trade Hub at SeaPort Manatee is driving forward an avant-garde innovation and technology center.

The agreement, signed on the aforementioned date, capitalizes on Oxford Group’s extensive half-century of experience in international commerce. This partnership is poised to fortify the trade hub’s mission. Since its inception in 2014, the hub has been an instrumental conduit, fostering connections between Florida’s markets and global counterparts.

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